Bungalow One

Heritage B&B in Allahabad, India

pickling @ bungalow one

                                                                        Allahabad, June 2014


The ceramic jars -- with snug ceramic lids --  are increasingly difficult to find, and are now only available at certain times of the year in the old market of Chowk, near the Kotwali (old police post). 


Raw, Green mangoes cut two different ways for two different pickles.Two flavourful accompaniments to meals for the year ahead.

 The ones on the left, scooped out after discarding the skin and seed, will be pickled in brine with sugar and asafoetida (a piquant spice with digestive properties). The ones on the right will be sun dried for two weeks in mustard oil and six spices (fennel, fenugreek, onion seeds, cumin, turmeric and salt).  No artificial preservatives, no chemicals:  only good old spices, and plenty of sun! 



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